The moment you stop apologising for the things that make you who you are, is the moment you allow yourself to grow into the greatness that you’re meant to be.
— Camelia Z.

About Camelia

Camelia Zulkifli (Cammy) is a Malaysian writer, entrepreneur, and owner of Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur.

She was the Chief Content Officer and co-founder of a boutique digital content agency in the UK and Malaysia, before it was successfully acquired in 2018.

Soon after, she pursued a dream of putting joy into the hands of ice cream lovers everywhere and created a happy food startup called Conefection Artisan Waffle Cones.

When not at work, she blogs on topics of female entrepreneurship, business and startups, travel and lifestyle topics for the modern woman.

She divides her time between Northern Ireland and Kuala Lumpur - with plenty of picturesque pitstops in between.

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About the website

Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur is female-centred life and entrepreneurship website. It was created to help women around the world make transformational changes in their lives towards achieving mind/body health, wealth, and the success they’ve always dreamed of. Apply Mindset Modification™ techniques into your everyday thinking to re-wire your subconscious programming on the way to achieve the life you desire.

Here, you'll also find me documenting my journey as a female entrepreneur in Asia and sharing my love for luxury escapes, beauty, lifestyle, business, and topics relating to the modern woman - giving readers an intimate look into the life of a female entrepreneur in Asia.