About cammy

Born in Ipoh and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Camelia (or known as Cammy) is a Malaysian writer, entrepreneur, and blogger-in-chief at cam.my. 

She is the Chief Content Officer and co-founder of HotCopy Asia, a boutique digital content agency based in Southeast Asia.

She now moonlights as a business and life coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, and is currently writing her first book on entrepreneurship.

When not travelling, she divides her time between Northern Ireland and Kuala Lumpur - with plenty of picturesque pitstops in between.

About the website cam.my

Hi, and thanks for stopping by.

Here, you'll find me documenting my journey as a woman entrepreneur in Asia and sharing my love for luxury escapes, beauty, lifestyle, business, and topics relating to the modern woman.

Some of the topics I enjoy writing about:

  • entrepreneurship

I consider myself a business woman above all else but have not discovered many female entrepreneur bloggers in Asia.

So I decided to create cam.my to share my experiences of going from freelance to startup founder - giving readers an intimate look into the life of a woman entrepreneur.

  • luxury travel

I travel for work and leisure, and have made it my mission to seek some of the finest hotels and experiences around the world.

On Instagram, I am on a photo mission to visit 80 of the most unique bathtubs in the world.

See my #aroundtheworldin80bathtubs journey on Instagram:

  • beauty & health

Ever since I switched to more high-end and natural beauty products, I have witnessed an incredible difference in my appearance.

Today, I am an advocate and supporter of all-natural and high-end beauty brands, and I enjoy reviewing their products in my blog.

In May 2017, I took up a 30-day #nomeatchallenge to see its effects my health and have since been writing on health, wellness and dieting for the busy modern woman.


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