The Best Staycation Retreat in Kuala Lumpur [Hands Down!]

My husband David and I started dating four years ago. We spent the first six months getting to know each other and subsequently started dating early 2015.

We were young and we were free. In no time at all, we quit our jobs to travel the world. We roughed it out for the most part and only brought back memories. Since then, we've travelled to nearly 20 countries together, adding another fresh notch or two every year.

But that's then.

These days, we run a business from our co-working space in Kuala Lumpur. While we love what we do (because it seems we're pretty good at it), we can't afford to travel for long periods of time anymore.

Mainly because I'm such an auntie now.

But being business owners can stress you out in its own ways and for us, we found that staycations have managed to keep our mental health in check.

Best part? We started treating it as a regular ritual and go on staycations nearly every month. 

We've stayed at some amazing places like the KL Journal and Hotel Stripes, but there's one place that knocks the ball out of the park. (We've already stayed here twice!)

So what's the best staycation retreat in Kuala Lumpur, according to a serial staycationer like me?

It is hands down Villa Samadhi in Kuala Lumpur.

And I'll give you some amazing reasons why need to experience it to believe it.

It's Literally an Oasis in the City

Villa Samadhi is just 5 minutes from KLCC.

Don't believe me? See for yourself:


With such close proximity to the heart of KL, you're within reach of all the attractions, shopping and sightseeing you need.

Not interested in touristy activities? Just stay in. The villa has an on-site restaurant, a stunning pool, shaded loungers for reading and relaxing, and a massage room to loosen up those knots in your body.

I'm no tourist in Kuala Lumpur but I still found the property completely accommodating. If you're staycationing, it's best to just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet for a change.

Image: Oasis-like pool features at Villa Samadhi

Image: Oasis-like pool features at Villa Samadhi

You're Immediately Transported

This goes without saying that every time I pass through Villa Samadhi's entrance gates, I am completely transported. It's almost like I'm in Bali or Phuket. I couldn't believe the difference - in aesthetics, the atmosphere, and your general well-being - you feel once you're inside.

The Service is Impeccable

With only 21 rooms, Villa Samadhi is relatively small. That means there's more attention being spent on each guest. With a "couples-focused" policy, it guarantees you romance and tranquility beyond expectations.

Most places we stay at tend to become underwhelming the second time around, but Villa Samadhi is the only place we've been where it has exceeded our expectations on the second visit.

Image: Welcome treats of local fruits, cakes, and cookies.

Image: Welcome treats of local fruits, cakes, and cookies.

The Pool is Satisfyingly Deep

This is a personal preference but to me, deep pools much more satisfying to swim in. The stunning pool at the villa is 1.8 metres at its deepest, which is extremely rare. If you're a swimmer, you can appreciate the small touches. Be careful though - there are no lifeguards around if something goes awry.

Image: The pool goes as deep as 1.8 metres.

Image: The pool goes as deep as 1.8 metres.

Their 2 Amazing Off-Site Restaurants

If you're bored of staying in, opt to have dinner at one of their amazing Thai-Burmese restaurants - Tamarind Springs (further away but better atmosphere) or Tamarind Hill (a kilometre away but pretty pleasant city atmosphere). Both restaurants have a fabulous reputation for delicious, high-quality Thai and Burmese food. 

Both restaurants have similar (if not identical) menus so whichever one you choose, you're not missing out on the great food.

P. S. If you came from Villa Samadhi, you get a complimentary dessert platter! (Amazing)

Image: Visit one of the Villa Samadhi's off-site restaurants, Tamarind Hill.

Image: Visit one of the Villa Samadhi's off-site restaurants, Tamarind Hill.

It's The Little Things That Count

When you make a booking, you're not just paying the price for a villa - you're paying for an experience.

Expect your stay to be filled with small, thoughtful surprises. On our first night, we received a tray of snacks, sweets and some whiskey as our turndown service.

Perhaps they saw David's Irish passport and knew he's the kind of guy who can appreciate a good tipple, or perhaps it's a coincidence. Either way, it was a nice surprise.


"Perhaps they saw David's Irish passport and knew he's the kind of guy who can appreciate a good tipple."

Image: Our turndown service consisted of chocolates, snacks, and some whiskey.

If you decide to lounge by the pool, they'll serve complimentary fruits and you can grab a refreshing drink (it was lime and assam juice that day) from the drinks station.

Every once in a while, they'll pop by your villa in the afternoon to say hi and serve local kueh or snacks.

Complimentary Cocktail Hour

From 6.30 to 7.30pm daily, grab a complimentary cocktail of your choice from the bar behind the restaurant.

You'll be served a menu to choose your drinks from and everything is unique, not to mention they're all absolutely amazing concoctions. Your drinks also come with bar snacks. We had a bite-sized lamb rendang and a small bowl of crisps.

Image: Don't miss the daily complimentary cocktail hour.

Image: Don't miss the daily complimentary cocktail hour.

Complimentary Phone

Guests get a complimentary mobile phone which they can use to make local or international calls. I mean, yeah, that's going above and beyond.

Bonus Tip: Visit The Herb Garden and Tortoises

Not a lot of visitors will notice this but you if keep going round towards the back of the restaurant, there's an quaint little herb patch where the staff grow their own herbs, vegetables, and fruits. You can ask them to explain what everything is, and how they grow and nurture the plants.

While you're there, also don't forget to say hi to the family of tortoises they keep out back. Sometimes, the tortoises come out to play in the sun and you can watch (and even touch) them. Keep an eye out for the giant one - what an amazing animal!

I'm not going to spoil it for you, you're just going to have to go and see it yourself.

So there you go - 7 amazing reasons why Villa Samadhi is (hands down) the best staycation retreat in Kuala Lumpur. 

If you're still considering it, here are some more photos of our stunning room, which has the best location and view of the entire grounds. (Ask for room 21!)

Are you sold on Villa Samadhi yet? To get the best rates, perks and rewards, I recommend booking right from their website.