How to Build an Unforgettable Personal Brand in 2019 [+FREE Worksheet!]

I bet you didn’t know this...

But if you have any account online – a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anything – then you already have a “personal brand.”

Yes, a personal brand is your online persona and it is pretty much how people perceive you.

Whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on what they see online. For instance, if you're applying for jobs, your potential employers are likely to Google you and judge you based on your online presence.

So personal branding should not be taken lightly. If you’re serious about becoming an influencer or a key opinion leader, moulding an unforgettable personal brand is important.

The first step to building a personal brand is to start with “Why.”

How to Build an Unforgettable Personal Brand in 2019



What is your purpose for building a brand?

If you're a graphic designer, you want to build a personal brand so that potential clients and companies will know who you are and what you represent. They want to know what your artwork looks like, what your style is, so that they will be better able to hire you for your services.

So the goal is to get people to see you, see your work, and make them want to hire you.

Depending on your purpose for your brand, you're going to want to have a home.

For most people in the digital age, this comes in the form of a website. If you don’t have one, a simple landing page will do.

Your website should be a place where people can learn more about who you are, what you do, and all about you. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a website or a blog, but a social media page.


2. Select a Meaningful Brand Name

Now what if you don't have a name for your brand yet and you're still deciding on what name to use? Some people just use their real name but you can also use a nickname or a moniker.

Choosing a name can be tough, but I don't want you to let yourself get stuck at that point. Some people take so long to decide on a name that they don't start building their brand.

And that's the biggest mistake.

For now, just start with whatever works best. It’s important to start creating content and building it now, because you can always change your brand name later. I've seen so many people rebrand themselves and nothing’s gone wrong.

Here are some of my tips on choosing a brand name:

  • Choose a name to suit the brand that you want to create. This goes back to your brand's purpose. Your brand name should embody what your brand stands for in some sort of way.

  • Make sure the name is not heavily used by other people already, especially not people who are in the industry that you want to be in. You can find out if your brand name is available across all social media platforms using this tool:

  • Lastly, you want to have a name that's relatively easy to remember, easy to spell, and can be consistent across all your social platforms.

Here’s an easy way to check if your brand name is available across all platforms on the internet: It’s completely free to use!


3. Find a Home for Your Brand

If you are a professional and you want to be taken seriously, then I highly recommend getting a personalised domain name for your website or landing page.

A great place to find a personal domain in Malaysia is Exabytes. I use Exabytes for all my personal and business domains, including the one you’re in right now -

Exabytes is an all-in-one domain and website hosting service in Malaysia. You can search for available domain names, register one, and also get website hosting, email hosting, pretty much everything you’d need to manage a website under one roof.

I personally love it for the simple interface. I’m not a techie, so any service that is simple and easy-to-use for non-techies like me is a plus in my books.

Get a personalised email to match your domain name that further supports your personal brand. You’ll look more professional emailing people with a domain that’s unique to you.


4. Give Your Brand a Voice

Next, let's talk about shaping your brand's story, tone, style, and the kind of feeling that your brand exudes.

Naturally, if it's a personal brand where you are the face of it, the brand should be an extension of your personality and who you are. It should even be your ideal self or how you want to appear to others.

And this is a really fun part because you get to shape your own story and decide what matters to your brand and everything it stands for.

What are your values?

To create a meaningful brand that everyone remembers, you need to have brand values. A good way to find out your brand value is by doing this simple exercise:

Write down on a piece of paper:

“My brand, [insert brand name], helps [insert your audience] achieve [insert your goal] by [insert what you do].”

For example, mine is “help female entrepreneurs live their most inspired life by teaching mind, body, and business skills for success.”

Once you’ve figured this out for yourself, put it up on the wall near your workspace where you can be reminded of your values and work towards achieving them.

What are your personality traits?

This one’s simple. Write on a piece of paper five of your best personality traits.

Following this, everything you write or express throughout your brand should represent any of these five traits.

You should also use these words often in your website copy and email communications. Down the line, when someone reads something you wrote, they’ll almost instantly recognise it as you.

For instance, I use words like “boss babe”, “success”, and “inspired life” a lot in my website because I want to be clear about the kind of audience I serve, and how I can add value to their lives.

When you’re done, put it up on the wall next to your brand values.

Why you do what you do

This is the most important story of all - Why do you do what you do?

What is the inspiration behind what you do?

What happened that caused you to take up this cause?

Why should people follow you?

Your story and your “Why” should be the center of everything that you do. This is what makes your brand unique and different.

Most importantly, this is where the “human” element of your brand comes in. People want to follow other people who they can relate to, who inspire them, who lifts them up, who adds value to their lives.

And it’s okay to tell your own personal story as part of your brand. Because people want to feel like they’re not alone and they are a part of something bigger.


5. Give Your Brand a Unique “Look”

Once you’ve given a voice to your brand, it’s time to give it a ‘look’. I try to infuse as much of my personality into my brand: from the emails that I write, to the photos that I take.

Put together a vision board for your brand. It should have:

  • Up to five official brand colours

  • Up to 3 official brand fonts (for Title, Headings, and Body Text)

  • Snippets or inspiration from magazines or printables that show your brand style

With these in place, you should have a pretty good idea of what your brand looks like.

If you’re not a graphic designer, fret not. I’m not one either and I have been able to circle around this problem by using a site called

Creative Market is an online marketplace for designers, graphics, and design assets. You can buy all the graphics you need, all of which are pre-made and pre-templated, ready for you to use right off the bat. Find logos, website templates, icons, and yes, even branding boards!

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6. Choose Your Channels Wisely

Next, let's talk about content because content is king.

Content is the way that you communicate your brand to people who are willisng to listen. It is your way of expressing the different sides of yourself so that people around you will understand more of who you are and what you have to offer.

The first part of this is to pick your platform - your main medium - for sharing your content and sharing who you are.

With so many platforms out there, it's hard to do all of them at once. If you're starting a personal brand, I recommend you focus and be an expert at one platform first before expanding to others.

When choosing a platform to focus on, you want to consider:

  • Your brand's purpose

  • What you're good at creating

  • What you enjoy creating

  • Where your audience lives

For example, if you're an interior designer and your work is very visual, then you probably want to stick to visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to share your designs.

If, for example, the interior designer feels like she's better at video and loves to be on camera, then maybe she can do YouTube and mix that.

Another example is if you're a real estate agent and you don't like to be on camera but you love listening to podcasts. You could create a podcast giving real estate advice for people who are buying their first homes.

You get to choose the platform that works for you, depending on what you like, what works for your brand, and where your audience lives.

Back to content:

As I was saying earlier, content is your way of communicating who you are. So the more content you create and the more consistent you are, the more opportunities you have of being discovered.

But how do you create content that people want to see?

First you have to make sure that your content delivers value to others. It has to educate them, entertain them, inspire them, or give them something in exchange.

People are not just gonna watch you for you. They're gonna watch it because it benefits themselves. Do some research and find what people are searching for and create content related to those areas.

In The End, It’s All About Who You Serve

My last tip is: Know who you want to serve.

Know your ideal audience, ideal customer, and create content for that person.

So have this persona in your mind and really go in depth about who this person is, their fears, their deepest desires, their interests, and what keeps them up at night.

Really envision that person and create content specifically for that one person.

I hope these tips have been helpful in helping you build an unforgettable personal brand towards your most inspired life!

Love yourself,