Become a F&B Entrepreneur in Malaysia! [FULL Guide] | #Womenpreneur

Starting a food and beverage business in Malaysia is easy, but growing it is the tough part. A big part of succeeding in the F&B industry is knowing what it takes. So if you’re dreaming of becoming the next big F&B entrepreneur, here’s everything and everyone you need to know:

Image: We can do this.

Image: We can do this.

What It Takes to Become an F&B Entrepreneur in Malaysia

1. Entrepreneurship Training

Regardless of how experienced you think you are, if you’re new to the industry it’s always good to get yourself equipped with some basic and updated training. Don’t get cocky - get yourself educated and connected.

SMECorp Business Accelerator Program

Attend this program yourself. They may not be the best but I recommend joining these because have direct connections with the right agencies and government bodies that will be useful to your business. You’re even more likely to receive grants and funding from financial institutions like SMEBank or government bodies like Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) if you attend this program.

Food Handling Course (Registered With MOH)

If you have staff and key personnel who handles your products, send them to this course.

2. Key F&B Events & Trade Shows

TEDxSydney 2018

Fairs and trade shows are the backbone of the F&B industry. Million-dollar contracts are signed at these trade shows every year so if you are serious about growing big, you’ll want to be seen at these events. So be sure to add the dates to your calendar.

3. Halal Certification

Suffice to say that the halal business is massive and if you can get on board the halal bandwagon, do it. You should effectively only apply for halal certification if you have a working manufacturing facility or factory.

Halal Malaysia Official Portal by JAKIM

Online application is available.

4. Export-Ready

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

When you need to be export-ready, you need to register with MATRADE. Registration is free and application is online. MATRADE also offers plenty of value-added services for Malaysian exporters like training programs and market development grants.

Export Certification by MOH

  • General Export Certificate

  • Health Certificate Application

  • Free Sales Certificate Application

  • Non-Genetically Modified Food (Non-GMF) Application

5. Food & Safety Certifications

Food Safety Certification Scheme (MESTI)

MESTI is a certification for food hygiene and safety under the MOH.

SIRIM QAS International

These guys are the leading certification, inspection, and testing body in Malaysia. If you’re expanding into overseas markets and want to gain wider acceptance for your products or services, apply for a SIRIM certification. Other services include:

  • Product Certification

  • Personnel Certification

  • Product Testing

  • Inspection

  • Sustainability

  • National Mark of Malaysian Brand

6. Bar Coding

If you are headed for retail, you need to get your products bar coded.

GS1 Malaysia

GS1M is your one-stop shop for bar coding for retail. Online application available.

7. Product Labelling

Need to get your products labeled? There are plenty of private labs available for testing and nutritional labelling.

Food Safety & Quality Division by Ministry of Health (MOH)

8. Fundraising

Coming soon

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