Traveling to Southeast Asia? Don't Leave These Beauty Products Behind!

Southeast Asia'a stunning beaches and lush forests are some of  the most beautiful places on Earth. That said, the tropical sun can be damaging to our delicate skin. Just think about what the harmful rays can do to our skin as we spent most of the time out in the sun. So, be sure to preserve your own natural beauty by packing in the right beauty products to stay gorgeous and comfortable. Read on to learn what to stash in your make-up bag and what to leave at home.

Don't feel the burn - bring sunscreen

The sun rays are stronger in the tropics, so make UV protection your top priority. A wide-brimmed hat or a loose-fitting scarf are both a good idea, but what you really need is a good sunblock. Foundation can run in the heat, so the best sunscreen for your face in Southeast Asia is often a tinted moisturizer with the highest SPF you can find. Once you've got your face covered, try a body powder with sunblock to keep the rest of your skin cool, dry and protected from the harmful radiation. When you hit the beach, slather on waterproof sunblock and reapply often.

Tame your locks in no time - bring a frizz serum

Don't spend your precious holiday time battling your hair! Instead, plan a few simple hair styles that require minimum use of products. Humidity brings out the frizz in even the smoothest hair, so a de-frizzing serum is essential. Dry shampoo is great for perking up sweaty hair while minimizing styling time, and absorbent body powder can double as dry shampoo if you really want to cut back on the number of products to bring. If your hair is long enough to be tied up, bring along an assortment of hair ties and bobby pins to keep locks off your neck and out of your face.

Calm your skin - bring a soothing aloe vera gel

A lot can happen to your skin in the tropics, where sunburn, bug bites, heat rash, and allergic reactions are common grounds. Be prepared for these minor issues with skin products that can soothe irritation and allergic reactions. A heavy-duty skin balm or aloe vera gel should be included in every make-up bag, and so is a moisturizing lip balm of vibrant red or coral color to double as a blusher in creating gorgeous, natural-looking flush when applied to the apples of your cheeks.

Keep clean - bring makeup wipes or wet tissues

Bringing all your usual face products isn't usually practical when travelling, but hot and humid weather can also easily clog up pores and cause breakouts. Make cleaning up simple by using cleansing wipes that are suited for your skin type - anything with menthol or citrus will be especially cooling and refreshing. Anti-bacterial hand gel is also a must in Southeast Asia, keeping your hands clean will help keep unwanted bacteria off your face and  even possibly save you from falling sick.

Whether it is your first trip to Southeast Asia or you're a regular in that part of the world, your time there is precious. Keeping your beauty routine simple while on the road can help you feel confident and comfortable while allowing you to focus on the beautiful people and scenery around you. Try not to get a sunburn, use your mosquito sprays at night if needed, and remember that the glow created from happiness and relaxation is the best cosmetic around.

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