The Coffee Diaries: Map of ALL Cafés in Kota Damansara (PJU 5) + My Top 3 Picks!

I love Kota Damansara. When I moved back to Malaysia a few months ago, I knew I wanted to live away from the city but not from the liveliness. Kota Damansara has grown so much, attracting more people than ever, is very walkable with plenty of charming places to see, yet just far enough from everything I dislike about city life (traffic mostly). My family still lives here after 17 years. Now, it has become my home too. Since moving here, I discovered that KD is full of interesting little nooks if you spend enough time exploring. I enjoy having coffee at beautiful cafés and nearly every month, I would discover someplace new with charming decor, great food and best yet, fantastic coffee. With some research and exploration, I decided to create a map of all of Kota Damansara (PJU 5)'s cafés to share with curious folks, along with a list of my top 3 best cafés in Kota Damansara (in no particular order). Hope you find the map useful and maybe catch you at a café here soon.

Top 3 Best Cafés in Kota Damansara

1. Wood & Steel


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Ah, yes. The one that started it all. Deserving every bragging right it has earned, Wood & Steel was the café that pioneered the whole coffee/café/art/hipster culture in Kota Damansara. There were many others that popped up just about the time W&S did, but none made nearly as great of an impression and none survived as long as they did - for a really good reason. Designed around the elements of wood and steel (hence the namesake), I can only describe the interior as a walk inside an artist's mind. The place is part café, part furniture shop - that table you're eating on? That's for sale. That gorgeous armchair at the corner? That's for sale too. But design factor aside, you've also got a place that serves up a wholesome, great-looking and great-tasting meals with your favourite coffee selections.

Go here for: a fantastic breakfast and an endless stream of snaps for your Instagram feed Price range: $$ / 5

2. Olfactory Bulb


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I found Olfactory Bulb by chance one day while walking towards Sunway Giza. There had been so many other cafés popping up all over town in recent months - many of them carbon copies of each other - so I really didn't place any high expectations when I finally decided to pay a visit one day and walk up to its entrance on the first floor. Past its glass and metal-framed door is a tastefully designed enclave - a respite - from the heat, or rain, or whatever. Cozy and plush with earthen decor and warm hues, this place is by far my favourite find. I mean, it's actually quite sexy. You'll want to cuddle in here, with a hot chocolate in hand listening to soulful tunes in the background. It's thoughtfully designed with nooks to fit singles, couples or groups, and is perfect for a quiet cuppa, well, just because. Their superb variety of coffee beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and beautifully crafted dessert menu will keep you occupied.

Go here for: Unique coffee- and tea-based drink concoctions you won't get anywhere else and a death by dessert Price range: $$ / 5

3. Rimba & Rusa


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The latest café-restaurant addition to Kota Damansara is no new kid on the block. Rimba & Rusa by Wondermilk is part of the popular, long-running Malaysian restaurant chain Wondermilk. The menu is proudly Malaysian yet juggles a careful curation between local and international fares, whipped up by the very talented people behind the name who have carefully carved out a portion of the hipster franchise and took it up a dozen notches or so. The two-level establishment serves fine dining quality food inspired by local and other cultures of the world, and a beautiful - just absolutely beautiful - serving of desserts.

Come here for: a plethora of gorgeous, high-quality food selections and some homegrown cold pressed juices Price: $$$ / 5

Map of ALL Cafes in Kota Damansara (PJU 5)

This is it! If you're a coffee lover, an Instagram addict or just wanting to kill some time in the area, this map shows you exactly where to have coffee in Kota Damansara (PJU 5). Hope the map helps!

Disclaimer: I made this map to the best of my knowledge of the cafés in the area. It is by no means 100% complete but it is certainly a pretty comprehensive one. I try to include all the cafés in Kota Damansara Section 5 and thus may have missed on some which I have yet to discover and new ones that pop up every couple of months. However, if you know of any that are not included here and think it should be, do let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to make a quick run and personally check it out. All the locations marked on the map are to the best of accuracy (if not more accurate than Google Maps). Lastly, do keep coming back because this map is constantly being updated.


  • 6th Aug 2015: Added Bmon Cafe and Houze Coffee
  • 27th Oct 2015: Added Fifth Palate, Rebellions and updated The Library Coffee & Bar (now closed).
  • 1st May 2016: Added Kreit Café
  • 1st April 2017: I'm sad to announce that this post will no longer have any more updates. I've moved houses and travelling more than ever now. I'm just unable to keep the list up. However, the post will remain for old times' sake. Perhaps it'll be helpful to someone.