Date Night Makeup Tips: 4 Common Mishaps to Avoid

Most women will get dressed to impress for date night this Valentine's Day, but don't let a botched makeup job be an embarrassment on your special evening. You may not have all your retouching tools at hand but the most common date night makeup mishaps is simple to prevent so arm your sleeve with our quick tips and you'll be back to your date in no time.

Lipstick on The Rim

Dinner can be a sophisticated affair so the last thing you want is leave your (lip) impression the wrong way. Line your lips with a lip pencil beforehand to prevent feathering, and blot your lips after each time you apply lipstick so it doesn't end up on your glass. It's very common for some people to powder their lips with translucent powder and then reapply to lock in the color. Once you're done, keep blotting until there is no mark left. Your lipstick should stay on the lips, not on every cup and cutlery.

After-Movie Mascara

If you end up at a particularly sad movie on date night, you'll wish you had done a little more work on your mascara. Apply a clear mascara on top of your regular to lock it in or rely on a trusty waterproof one. If you do find that your mascara has smeared just a smidgen, have some time out in the ladies' room, wait for it to dry a little and gently flake it away. Falsies do the trick too, just remember not to rub too much.

Creasing Eyeshadow

Sometimes you'll find yourself on a date that lasted through dinner, drinks and dancing. If you didn't apply enough primer on your lids already, your eyeshadow is very likely to crease, especially if you have oily lids. Professional makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar says the only trick to fix the crease is to dab gently with your finger or tissue without ruining too much of your makeup, but this is only a temporary fix. Otherwise, you can always just wipe off the creased eyeshadow and just let your eyeliner and mascara do the rest of the work.

Greasy Foundation

Ladies need to be extra careful with their foundation when they go out on date night. Going with a small layer of foundation, blotting, reapplying, and then powdering is the best way to prevent messy situations. If your face gets greasy and you've forgotten your blotting paper, paper tissues do the exact same trick. They absorb well and won't stick fibres to your face.

You can easily avoid these date night makeup mishaps with some prep and prime. Just go prepared, have confidence and your date will hardly notice the blunders!