5 Tips For Perfect Hair in Hot and Humid Weather

If you dread hot and muggy weather due to the unattractive effects it has on your locks, you're far from alone. Fortunately for you, you don't have to resign yourself to hideous hair any time it's hot or humid outside. A few simple hair tips can do wonders for the look and freshness level of your hair when the weather outside is a sticky and unpleasant mess.

1. Apply Sunscreen on Your Hair

Although it might sound a bit bizarre, applying sunscreen onto your hair can actually be a very smart beauty plan. Many sunscreen products on the market consist of sun-blocking components that can stop the emergence of problems such as strength deterioration and colour fading. If you want to ensure that your hair keeps its radiant colour in humid times, sunscreen is an asset. If you want to keep your hair strong and vibrant when it's muggy out, sunscreen can assist you there, too. The sun isn't only harsh on the skin, after all.

2. Give Your Hair Ample Moisture

If your hair is on the dry side, humidity will make it appear even more frizzy and out of control. This is why it's so important to fight that possibility with moisture. If your hair is overly dry, it will become more porous. Porous hair has the tendency to soak up the moisture circulating in the air of muggy climates. This can lead to hair that looks like a frizzy nightmare. If you want to defend your hair in humid weather, make sure that it's properly hydrated. A good leave-in conditioning treatment can often do the trick. Search for a leave-in treatment that offers convenient anti-humectant benefits.

3. Put Down the Hair Dryer

If you want to achieve fresh, consistent hair in muggy weather, put down the hair dryer after you shower. Although hair dryers can indeed be helpful for helping your locks dry off thoroughly post-washing, they can also have their downsides. If the weather is muggy and wet, the last thing you want to do is target your hair with a blast of hair that's both hot and dry. This will make your hair dry out too quickly. Avoid the risk of developing thirsty and frizzy hair by air drying when the weather is hot and humid.

4. Invest in a Quality Anti-Humidity Spray

Keep your hair gorgeous and enviable during hot and humid conditions by investing in a dependable anti-humidity spray. These sprays do exactly what their names indicate - they make sure that moisture stays far away. Spritz a lightweight coating of anti-humidity spray directly over parts of your hair that are particularly susceptible to the frizz, and you'll be good to go.

5. Avoid Cutting Your Hair

Although you might be tempted to cut your hair shorter to combat the excessive heat and humidity, that might not be the most intelligent technique for dealing with mugginess. Since longer locks are usually a lot heavier than shorter locks, they have weight on their side. This extra weight can be beneficial for stopping unsightly puffiness and frizz of the hair. If you truly feel the need to go for a shorter 'do, try to wait until the weather gets a little bit cooler and less moist. Remember, patience is your friend. Hope these hair tips help!

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