How to Make Your Makeup Last in The Heat and Humidity

Wikipedia says that South and Southeast Asia are among the hottest and most humid places in the world, which means we bask in a lot of sunny days and balmy, sultry nights. Unfortunately for us, the steamy weather can also melt your makeup into one hot, sweaty mess. So our Kuala Lumpur-based beauty editor compiled a start-to-finish guide to beating all this heat and humidity, so you can really make your makeup last all day - rain or shine!

1. Choose a light moisturiser

Don’t forgo your moisturiser just because your skin doesn’t feel dry. A good moisturiser is needed regardless of the weather, as it sets the foundation for your makeup. Just be sure to choose a light lotion instead of a cream-based formula, as this could mean the difference between well-moisturised and greasy skin. For the all-important protection from the sun, look for a one that contains SPF. In hot and humid weather, it will take longer for your moisturiser to fully absorb into your skin. Be sure to allow a few minutes for it to fully set in before you proceed with the rest of your makeup routine.

2. Use a primer

Primers are oftentimes overlooked in one’s beauty regime, but they can really help your makeup stand the test of time, especially in humidity. They not only extend your makeup wear time, but they also lock in your moisturiser. Apply a thin layer before your foundation and it will help keep everything in place.

3. Use a powder foundation

Cream-based foundations are too heavy for humid weather, and can melt into your pores. Instead, use a powder foundation that can be lightly dusted on with a soft bristle brush. After applying your primer, follow with a light dusting of powder foundation. Mineral powders are excellent as they create a smooth and seamless finish, yet feel very light on the skin, all of which help make foundations last longer. Many have the added benefit of SPF included in the formula.

4. Try a blush stain

For a sun-kissed look, use your fingers to dab on a hint of colour with a blush stain. Stains work with your skin's natural moisture to go on smoothly and stand up to the heat. Blush stains are very long-lasting, so be sure to start with a small amount and blend well.

5. Use a gel-based eyeliner

Wax-based eyeliners are not a good bet as the wax can quickly melt in the heat. Gel-based eyeliners glide on smoothly, won’t smudge, and are long-lasting. They create an intense colour and really help define the eyes. By lining only the top lid, you will avoid any transfers or smudges under your eyes, ensuring that your eyes won’t be overwhelmed by your makeup.

6. Use sheer eyeshadows

Avoid deep colours that can fall in heat and humidity. Instead, stick to sheer versions of your favourite eye colours. Use a slightly drier powder formula, and apply with a small eyeshadow brush lightly swept over your eyelid. This will provide a subtle look that stays on in hot and humid weather.

7. Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must in our Equatorial weather, no matter if it's sunny or rainy. To prep your lashes, use an eyelash curler. Find a curler with a flatter design that is better suited to almond-shaped eyes. Then apply a single layer of mascara. There are a variety of waterproof mascaras on the market that will add volume and length to lashes.

8. Apply a setting spray

Setting sprays are weightless mists that can help your makeup last longer. They help makeup stay in place without settling into fine lines. This final step is often forgotten but is a quick and simple way to lock in all your makeup, prevent it from melting and fading, and as a make refresher - making it a must-have in hot and humid weather.

No matter whether you're living or visiting this part of the world, these eight simple steps will make your makeup last all day - every day!

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