How to Choose Red Lipstick for Asian Skin Tones

Choosing the right shade of red lipstick for Asian skin tones involves three basic areas - it needs to match your skin tone, your needs and the occasion. Everyone has a personal style that they want to fit into, and everyone has an occasion to attend but when you balance these three factors with your needs, you'll find that there is a perfect red lipstick out there for every Asian skin tone that will work for you.

How to Choose Your Perfect Shade

Red Lipstick for Fair Skin

Ladies from Korea or Japan cherish their dewy pale complexions and can get away with traditional red lipsticks like fire engine red and other bold reds (lucky you!). But if you prefer to downplay your lips, we recommend a raspberry undertone that will complement the pink undertones that usually come with fair skin.

Red Lipstick for Yellow/Olive Skin Tone

If your complexion is fair to dark with yellow undertones, a tinge of orange on your lips can turn you into an instant beach babe, warming up your complexion and making you look tanned with a healthy glow.

Red Lipstick for Tanned Skin

Phillipine islanders have gorgeous and glowing tanned skin so they can apply something orange-based to enhance their olive or golden undertones. If you have more neutral or cooler undertones like Malaysian lasses, put on cherry or raspberry reds - it sits beautifully balanced between yellow and pink skin undertones.

Red Lipstick for Dark Skin

The darker your skin is, the darker the red you can use! As a woman's skin gets darker, she can use glossier lipsticks that will fall in line with her skin tone. South Asian, Indian or women with darker skin are blessed to be able to pull off lipsticks with amazing blue and purple undertones. Think deep berries and wine - simply divine!

The Occasion

When you are getting ready to dress every day, it is best that you wear a color that is matte in finish. You may have found the right red lipstick for you, but you do not want to wear the glossy or bright version if you're going to be in a formal setting. Save the bright and glossy version for a night on the town with your man when you want your lips to get all the attention.

Your Personal Style

Some women can work their bright red lipstick into their personal style. A girl who prefers to have her lips pop during the day can wear bright red lipstick if she can make it balance with the rest of what she is wearing. Other women would prefer to make a darker red a part of their personal style. You can help everyone recognize you just by looking at your lips if you have planned to find the right lipstick.

Consider your style, the occasion and the color of your skin before you buy. You want to match the lipstick to your skin tone before you consider your style and the occasion. Best of all, have fun with it!