How to Live Your Best Life in 2019 (According to Cammy)

Image: I do an incredible amount of writing with    ana.tomy    journals to design my life and they’re divine.

Image: I do an incredible amount of writing with ana.tomy journals to design my life and they’re divine.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, you guys!

I spent the better part of 2018 thinking about the choices I’ve made and how I ended up where I am today. There has been a lot introspection and still trying to figure things out for myself. Learning is a long-drawn process but there are a few simple habits that I’ve managed to follow through that have enabled me (despite everything else) to live my best life last year and of course, to take me into the new year.

So without further ado…

How to Live Your Best Life in 2019

  1. Identify what your best life looks like (fantasy day in your life)

Now, I’m not talking about the best life that you think you should have because you’ve seen it on Instagram. Or the life that your partner or your parents expect for you. I’m saying, “What does YOUR best life look like?”

What does your best day look like? What does your best morning/night/weekend look like? It’s easy to say “I want to live my best life” but not a lot of people actually think of what their best life consists of.


What do you want to be doing that day?

What do you want to feel that day?

What do you want to smell/touch/taste that day?

Who do you want to meet that day?

Living your best life shouldn’t be an effort, it should be a HABIT.

Write down a date. It can be today, tomorrow, or any day, and start filling out the page in great detail about what your “fantasy” day in 2019 would look like. The objective here is to first imagine those things that make up your best life and then conjure those feelings of deep happiness as you write it.

This works better than vision boards because vision boards can be so far into the future that they feel so far away to achieve. So why not create a vision board for how you want your life to look RIGHT NOW?

2. Decide what habits you need to cultivate to live your best life

So when you’ve truly decided what is your best life and how it looks like, now decide what HABITS do you need to adopt for your best life to come true?

For example, if you see yourself as an excellent runner, what little habits can be cultivated for you to embody that persona? You can start running to the mini mart instead of walking or intentionally keeping a pair of running shoes in your office so you can make a quick visit to the gym. Imagine if you did this for 10 minutes every day, that adds up to over 60 hours of running for no extra effort.

Living your best life shouldn’t be an effort, it should be a HABIT.


3. What GOALS do you need to achieve your best life

Now you’re thinking about what is the BIG PICTURE here that I’m doing all these things for? You could say that you want to “travel more” but it’s even better if you state what is it SPECIFICALLY that you’d like to do, like “travel to Taiwan for two weeks this February to join the Tower marathon.”

Write down these goals and put a lot of time and energy into them in order for them to be tangible. If you actually start writing them down and working towards your goals, you can work so much quicker to achieve them. You will be living your best life before you know it but you have to set the specifics in place.

4. Let go of the negatives in your life

What is it in your life right now that is dragging you down? Is it unhealthy beliefs, habits, fears, people? What shackles you and keeping you stuck from living your best life?

Identify what that is and really make an effort to let go of it. It might mean not spending a lot of time with other (or worse - negative) people, it might mean having to do a bit of soul searching into the underlying beliefs that are sabotaging you from creating a business and creating success.

I’ve started with the simple habit of taking out any limiting words and phrases from my vocabulary. Words like “I can’t” or “it’s not possible” does not exist in my vocabulary any more. Even when I do accidentally say something negative, I always go back and re-word or re-phrase them.

Those moments where you can let go and be yourself are the moments when you are truly living your best life.

5. WHO and WHAT do you need to be

What are the habits and the characteristics of the person who is living your best life? Sometimes we get stuck in thinking that we can’t grow, we can’t have nice things, we are who we are, or worst of all, “we don’t deserve all those things.”

But as humans we always have room to grow so think about the best version of yourself and think about how you need to feel and think to become this person?

You’re not just going to wake up one day and things will be different. All these advices I give is not going to happen overnight. It’s all about the micro daily decisions that you start making from this best version of yourself that will shift you.

For instance, if you have a $500 on you right now, how would the best version of yourself spend it? It makes you think about what you want and what the best version of you wants.


6. Be the best version of yourself (and stop comparing)

It’s okay. Sometimes it’s great to want to be drinking champagne at the Ritz-Carlton, frolicking at the beach in Costa Rica, or treating yourself to that expensive Harry Winston jewellery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Yes, we want to build this incredible life but just remember that you living your best life is just you truly living a happy life. Those moments where you can let go and be yourself are the moments when you are truly living your best life.

For instance, I used to follow all these random beautiful models on Instagram but I realised that they don’t actually make me feel good about myself. So I’ve stopped following them and now I only follow those who have successes that I’d like to achieve myself.

Being the best version of yourself means leveraging on the traits and things that you do have. All that begins from a simple token of gratitude to the life that you do own.

Express gratitude. Give yourself a chance to create magic. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The success you seek comes with consistency + time = success.

When you seek out the happiness that truly makes you happy AT YOUR CORE, then that it what living your best life is all about.