4 LUSH Cosmetics Alternatives To Try in Malaysia

I’m not an avid beauty consumer by any means. As I get older, I prefer to stick to brands and products that I trust. I’ve been using LUSH Cosmetics for years and their shampoo bars and hair conditioner is the only thing I will let anywhere near my hair.

Here’s the story - I used to have oily scalp and greasy hair with the occasional dandruff and LOTS of hair fall. Since using LUSH products, my hair has turned normal and manageable DESPITE the fact that I bleach and colour my hair every month these days.

Suffice to say, I’m not willing to compromise it by switching brands.


But in Malaysia, buying a piece of LUSH is like buying a rare commodity. A few years ago, the only way to get your hands on LUSH is to buy it direct from the UK, but shipping rates are through the roof as you’d be paying hundreds of RM to ship them over here.

Then, LUSH opened its first Malaysian store in Kuala Lumpur. LUSH lovers thought their prayers have been answered… but the excitement was short-lived when a single shampoo bar here costs you an arm and a leg (that comes to about RM70 - haha).

But thankfully, Malaysia is a very enterprising country. A lot of local brands have popped up to offer the same quality products at fantastic prices. Shampoo bars, bath bombs, body soufflés, you name it - all of LUSH’s products are reimagined for the Malaysian market to the delight of local consumers.

Here, I’m about to reveal the best LUSH alternatives you can find in Malaysia.

LUSH Cosmetics Alternatives You Can Find in Malaysia

1. Wunderbath

Wunderbath is such a delight due to their quirky handmade designs. Think curry puff soaps, outer-space bath bombs, and… durian lip balm? Yes.

Website: wunderbath.co
Instagram: @wunderbathco

2. BUIH & CO

Buih & Co makes shower soufflés in a mason jar that look good enough to eat. (But please don’t.)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/buihandco/
Instagram: @buihco

3. LAVE Republic

Aside from handmade soap, Lave Republic makes great alternatives to LUSH’s renowned shampoo bars.

Website: https://laverepublic.com/
Instagram: @laverepublic

4. Luxy Bath & Co

Luxy Bath & Co makes skin-friendly soapcare and skincare that your skin will thank you for.

Website: https://www.luxybathco.com/
Instagram: @luxysbathco

Got a new LUSH alternative brand to add to this list? Comment below or
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