Video: The Only Hack You Need to Slay New Year Resolutions!

Hi, everyone!

I filmed a video today sharing a really unique, interesting, and possibly very effective way of keeping to your resolutions.

It was an impromptu video I filmed while having brunch on New Year’s Day so it was short, simple, and briefly explains this new way of approaching resolutions.

But I wanted to go even more in-depth about how I came about with this tip, the psychology behind it, and why it works even better than traditional goal-keeping methods.

The Problem With New Year Resolutions

Since it’s already New Year, a lot of people are talking about resolutions.

Personally, I think resolutions are great because it gives you something to aspire to. But I also believe planning everything down to the numbers to achieve your resolutions aren’t effective.

I believe life is all about balance. That’s why I mentioned in the video that for anything to work/happen, there are always two opposing forces that work to make it happen.

So to achieve your goals and resolutions, there should be things you “will do” and things you “will NOT do.”

 Note: Before you criticize my spelling, I intentionally wrote "esspensive" because that's how I like to say it.

Note: Before you criticize my spelling, I intentionally wrote "esspensive" because that's how I like to say it.

A Different Approach to Resolutions

My tip boils down to the psychological fact that it is easier for us humans to NOT do something than it is to DO something. It is easier to avoid and keep away from bad habits or things than to get up and get to the gym.

This is why people who say “I want to be healthier this year” usually end up falling short because they end up focusing on all the things they need to do to achieve it.

But that doesn’t mean you should be a slob and not do anything at all. Remember – it’s about balance.

Again, everything boils down to our intrinsic human nature. It’s just easier for us to avoid or not do something. In fact, you’ll probably save money when you “will not do” something.

For instance, if you say to yourself, “I will not eat any fast food this year” technically you’ve already achieved it by doing nothing.

By not acting upon it, you’re keeping to your resolution rather than striving for it.

Here’s a recap of the ‘exercise’ I mentioned in the video:

  1. Take two pieces of blank paper (or tear one big piece in half) and write down your resolution/s at the bottom of each paper.

  2. On one paper, write down what you “will do” to achieve your goals and on the other write down what you “will not do.”
  3. Look at both lists and study your feelings/reactions. Which one do you feel is more achievable?

Finally, I want everyone to understand that while this tip is the easier (and hence more effective) way to keep to your resolutions, it is not the only way.

Find a balance between “will do” and “will not do.” Change things around and find what works for you and what doesn’t. Consistently run healthy experiments between the two.

Watch the video now:

Did you like this tip? If you’re applying this tip to your resolutions this year, do let me know how it works out for you!